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5.Amy Mossman(non-registered)
This is a follow up to my post on Aug 19, 2016. I still had not received my money or photos from Mrs. Baker when the opportunity to approach her was presented to my husband and I over the weekend.
I tried to by empathetic to what personal issues she had been going thru since last December, but she was very curt with me and just said for the 4th time you will get your money, but no pictures. She then sped off in her car. He husband Donny Baker happened to be there as well in a separate vehicle and he was as kind and could be. I told him the situation and he was more that happy to pay the money back that she owed. Thank you Donny for showing good character and making good on your wife's unethical business ways. I won't dispute that Chris Baker takes beautiful photos and I would have loved to have had them, but I will go elsewhere to someone that is more trustworthy and honest .
4.Amy Mossman(non-registered)
Anyone who knows Christine (Chris) Baker knows she does photography on the side. She took my money and never delivered the pictures from last fall. She did the same to my daughter. I know she has gone through personal issues but as a business woman fell short of her ethical practices. I would highly suggest nut using her services as you will get ripped off. Please pass this along
3.Miriam Pipes(non-registered)
Your photographs are simply incredible. They speak volumes about how you see the world. What a beautiful place! You are an amazing photographer and person!
2.Marcia Eiler(non-registered)
Love looking at all your pictures not just the ones of Emily! I even love to look at the ones of people I don't know because they seem to all tell a story!
1.Disa Strevig(non-registered)
Love the pictures. Need to get some taken of the family sometime. I will be sure to get in touch with you. Your work is wonderful.
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